I'm signed up to, but am not receiving the newsletter or other emails.

Occasionally, these will be caused by messages moving slowly through cyberspace, although if you don't receive anything at all, it's likely that the problem is caused by any of a number of factors;

    1. Firstly, check to see that you are receiving e-mails to begin with. Generally, if you're receiving other e-mails, you should be receiving ours.

      Some things to look out for if you're not receiving e-mails are;
      • Check to make sure you're not over your mailbox quota/storage limit. Some e-mail services only provide a certain amount of space for e-mail storage. If you're close to the limit, people who send you e-mails may have difficulty getting them through, so delete some messages.
      • Incorrect setup details. This will stop all incoming e-mails. Check that your e-mail setup details are correct.
    2. If all that's fine, check to see whether you have a SPAM filter which may mistakenly be picking up the newsletter. If so, add to its allow list.

      Note: Many free web-based e-mail services (such as Hotmail), and now even ISP's, have their own SPAM filtering software. If you're unsure, ask your e-mail provider.

    3. Finally, check to make sure the details we have at are correct. You can view, edit and change your details by logging in and clicking the "My Profile" link at the top of any page.

If all this fails, please report the problem. Make sure you mention that you've followed the steps outlined above, and give us some detail about the problem - the more detail you give us, the better.